IPS e.max

Your smile is the first thing that is noticed about you. It reflects your personality, confidence, health and vitality.
Do you ever feel discomfort because of your smile? Isn’t it time to do something for your teeth?
Modern technologies give us a wide selection of possibilities in the restoration of damaged teeth and tissue. The connection between aesthetics and function is very important and we take it very seriously. Even the smallest procedures must agree with the parameters of proper functionality of the masticatory system. In accordance with those rules and parameters we enable a natural and beautiful appearance.
Beauty is individual, so every solution is made to match the specific situation of each patient. That is why, before any procedure, we make a specific plan of treatment, an analysis of the situation for each patient.

The most often used prosthetic treatments:

Ceramic crown

A ceramic crown is needed if the patient has lost a large percentage of tooth tissue, if the tooth is broken or if it is significantly discolored. The crown is then made to completely cover the tooth and to give it new color and strength. There are different types of crowns; on a metal base, on a non-metal base. The selection of material depends on the patient’s needs and wishes. The non-metal, full ceramic crowns (E-max crowns) are considered to be the gold standard of modern dentistry, especially in restorative work on the front teeth. Light passes through them as it would pass through natural teeth giving the teeth a very natural and beautiful look.

Advantages of the full ceramic crowns:
– high level of aesthetics and natural look
– durability
– wide selection of colors in the skillful hands of our technicians that completely imitate the natural color of your teeth
– biocompatibility of the material that results in an excellent attitude towards the gums

Before … e.max full ceramic crowns

Ceramic bridges – a complete rehabilitation

In cases that involve the loss of one or more teeth, we make ceramic bridges that also, like individual crowns, come on a metal or non-metal base. Complete restoration not only covers teeth, but it also establishes harmony between teeth, the muscular system and temporomandibular joint.

Ceramic veneers

Ceramic veneers cover only the outer layer of the tooth, and require minimal grinding of the teeth. We use them if we need to correct minimal imperfections of the teeth, like discoloration, closing a gap between teeth, a chipped-off edge or similar conditions. Because of the exceptional beauty of the material, veneers give a very attractive smile.

Ceramic veneers

Ceramic inlays/onlays

They are ceramic fillings made in a laboratory to replace damaged tooth tissue and they perfectly match it in color, surface and shape.

Composite fillings

Composite fillings are the most often used restoration material that replaces damaged tooth tissue. They match natural teeth in color and function, and are used to replace the old amalgam fillings.

Partial denture


Dentures are a common solution for partial or total loss of teeth. They are made according to the patients needs and wishes and they are natural looking imitations of the original teeth. As they are often uncomfortable to wear, we reccomend a solution with stabilised dentures on dental implants.